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Teach your kids the most important skill that no one taught you.

Money Lessons for Kids Ages 3-7
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Our Products

At Fin Lit Kids, we strongly believe that every child should have the chance to learn about money management from an early age, regardless of their family's financial background. 

We create fun & engaging games, activities, books, and content that teach important financial skills like budgeting, saving, and responsible spending.


Our products are intentionally crafted to align with the nationwide learning standards for preschool through second grade, while also fostering positive attitudes and habits towards money in children.


By promoting critical thinking about spending and financial decision-making early on, we believe that children can develop a strong foundation of financial literacy that can set them up for success in the future.

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I'm an author, entrepreneur, wife, and mom on a mission to empower parents, caregivers, and educators with the necessary tools to teach children how to manage money early.


At Fin Lit Kids, we believe that teaching kids about money is as important as teaching them to read and do math. 

Nurturing financial literacy skills goes beyond the realm of dollars and cents; it involves instilling in children our values and a solid understanding of how to thoughtfully manage money. By doing so, we are fostering a generation of conscious consumers who will grow up to be astute stewards of their finances.

Representation matters deeply to us too. In our educational content, we make it a priority to spotlight characters who are often underrepresented in conversations about money management. We understand that all children, deserve to see themselves in stories that inspire feelings of hope, joy, and accomplishment.

Through the normalization of narratives that convey essential life skills like financial literacy and spotlight diverse protagonists, our goal is to cultivate a world where every child seamlessly forges connections with characters from diverse backgrounds, enhancing their learning and life adventures.

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"My kids & I loved this book! Madison's First Dollar explains 4 basic money concepts including saving, spending, giving and investing. These ideas were easy to follow and not too difficult for my young readers. My daughter was so excited to split up her allowance this week, putting half into a savings envelope and another couple dollars in her giving envelope. She was genuinely so excited to put aside a bit of her allowance to give to someone else, all thanks to this book. Highly recommend, we really enjoyed it!" - KMG

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