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Our Story

Ebony Beckford created Fin Lit Kids to address what she believes to be one of the most serious problems facing communities of color today, Economic Inequality. While pregnant with her daughter, the real estate tech professional began processing the responsibility she had growing inside of her and the legacy she wanted to build for her little one’s future. This legacy was to be rooted in financial stability and the knowledge of what being financially stable really means – you have the power to control your own destiny. 


Ebony has over 8 years of experience in the financial sector and understands the wealth divide we face in our communities. After reading a research study published by Prosperity Now and the Institute for Policy Studies that revealed that if the racial wealth divide in this country continues the average net wealth of African American households will be net-zero by 2053 and by 2073 for LatinX households she knew something more had to be done.


“There is only one real solution to closing the wealth gap and that is to start teaching people how to earn, save, and invest as early as possible,” Ebony states. “As simple as this sounds, it is a process that many of us fail to master because of the poor habits we’ve inherited and the lack of financial literacy we have obtained.”


With a desire to help educate the black and brown communities in a long term manner and change the narrative around financial literacy in our communities, Ebony chose to focus on the youth and instill in them the information needed before they have a chance to form their own bad money habits. (A research study conducted by the University of Cambridge in England revealed that many of the habits that impact how we make decisions around money in adulthood are formed by age 7.)


Through the Fin Lit Kids brand, Ebony looks to provide children (especially those ages 3+) and their parents with the tools needed to build a strong foundation towards financial stability. 

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