Madison's 1st Dollar

Madison's 1st Dollar


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Emphasizing financial responsibility, this engaging tale will prompt useful discussions between parents and children. -Kirkus Reviews


Madison just got her first dollar and is exploring what to do with it! In this children's book about money, using an interactive writing style that encourages kids to chime in, kids will help Madison manage it by recommending whether she should spend, save, donate or invest it!

Should she ask her mommy to take her to the store?
Or save her dollar until she gets more?
Should she spend a little now and save the rest for later?
Or should she donate it all to help out a neighbor?

Always remember, whatever Madison decides to do should be fun and responsible too! At the end of the book, kids can cut out their own play money and coins to aid in the learning experience.

Madison's 1st Dollar is the first release in the Madison’s Money book series. Through its main character Madison, children will be introduced to basic concepts such as saving, investing donating, and buying power, empowering them to have meaningful dialogues with adults around money management