The Money Box

The Money Box


The Fin Lit Kids Box is an activity box for kids ages 3 and up. Filled with fun and engaging games and activities, the box is designed to teach children the value of US currency, introduce them to basic financial concepts such as saving, investing, and giving, and to promote critical thinking about money.  


The Money Box contains:

  • Madison's 1st Dollar: A Coloring Book About Money/Crayons

  • Fin Lit Kids flashcards - designed to help children name and identify the value of the 4 most used US coins. They also help develop and build early mathematical skills.

  • Fin Lit Kids Play Money: kid friendly play coins to be used along with the flash cards

  • Fin Lit Kids Matching Game: Matching games are a simple way to make learning hands-on and fun! They help strengthen visual memory, help discern the differences between objects, and identify patterns. Matching and sorting activities can also be good for developing fine motor skills.

  • Fin Lit Kids Money Jars: Save & Spend Jars to help children visualize their actions

  • Fin Lit Kids Digital Adult Guide: Makes recommendations for fun and engaging activities that adults can partake in to enhance the learning experience for the children.