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About Us

Restoring Generational Wealth

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Let's play a game...

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Been stressed about money.

Lived paycheck to paycheck.

Been behind on the rent.

Borrowed money to pay your bills.

Felt anxious swiping your card.

Had a low credit scored.

Was on a low cost ramen noodle diet.

Wished you were wealthy.

Ignored debt collectors.

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The rules are simple. Hold up all ten fingers and put a finger down if you ever done any of the following:

Now, whether you put all of your fingers down or none, guess what? You need to teach your kids about money...period.


You see, while most people believe that the key to building generational wealth is making lots of money, the truth is that most wealthy families see their fortunes dwindle over three generations due to a lack of financial literacy amongst other things. This is called the shirtsleeve to shirtsleeve curse (Google it). 

While people within communities of color are more educated and earn more than ever before the truth is we are seeing our wealth dissipate faster than our counterparts largely due to our habits and attitudes about money along with our lack of financial knowledge amongst other things.

The habits that impact our decisions around money in adulthood are formed by age 7, so we MUST prioritize our kids financial education to ensure that we raise financially independent and responsible adults. This is why Fin Lit Kids exist, to empower parents, caregivers, and educator to teach kids about money early, especially in communities of color. 

Who Are We?

Fin Lit Kids is a multimedia company that empowers adults to teach basic money concepts to kids ages 3-7. We create fun and engaging games, activities, books, and content that promotes financial literacy and lays the foundation for legacies rooted in financial stability.

Our Mission

To close the wealth gap and restore generational wealth, especially to communities of color. 

Meet The Team


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